Friday Morning Lineup!

A Court

10:00:00 Follow My Twatter/Bier and Magic
10:14:00 Man O War 3/Galactic Terror
10:28:00 We Met On Craigslist/Down To Polo
10:42:00 Critter Bonus/Pastor Of Muppets
10:56:00 Fresh Out The Kitchen/Mombutt TM
11:10:00 Yeah Bubba/Prom Date
11:24:00 TBD50/The Hotties
11:38:00 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes/Why Why Zed
11:52:00 Control Freaks/Medic’s Babes

B Court

10:00:00 Bangers and Mash/But, Party
10:14:00 JIIR 2/Bitches Get Stitches
10:28:00 Welch Family/15 in Blackjack
10:42:00 Nick 7 the Naomis/Spanxballs
10:56:00 Militia Ethridge/Cunt Punchers
11:10:00 Deth Blossom/Tornadoes
11:24:00 Youngbloods/TBD Seattle NYC
11:38:00 Boiled in Coke/Space Balls

C Court

10:00:00 Winneapolis/We Made It!
10:14:00 The Holy Trinity/Foolish Suckers
10:28:00 Gulf Coast Slayers/Potty Posse
10:42:00 The Commonwealth/Works Every Time
10:56:00 Shotgub Siblings/No Bagels
11:10:00 Superchums/Pre-Sango
11:24:00 Vengabus/Grammar Rodeo Clowns
11:38:00 Damn Girl/Innie & the Outties

The goal is for each game to start on time. 12 minute games with 2 minutes in between. Be there and ready to get on court, warm up, and play. The game will start with or without you. For every 2 minutes you don’t show up, the present team gets a point. If the game gets to 10 minutes without your team showing, the present team gets a score of 5-0 and the game is over.

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