May the 4th Tournament

may 4th bike polo tournament

May 4th and 5th, 2024

  • Squad format (4-5 team members)
  • 20 Minute games
  • Registration fee: $35 per person
  • Food & tournament shirt included

Thank you to our tournament sponsors!


5pm-late: Pickup (you are welcome to collaborate and play as early as you want. Lights until 11pm)
6:30pm-7:30pm: Social ride- Feel free to join Lexington’s Social Cycling club for a ride around Lexington!
7:30pm-9:00pm: Registration Party at West Sixth Brewing. Come by the brewery across the street to check in, sign waivers and pick up your t-shirt. everyone must sign a waiver to play! it you are arriving later, contact us.

8am sharp! First game. be there!
Games expected to end around 7:30pm
8:30pm: After party at Darling Wine Bar

9:00am: First game
Games expected to end around 8pm

Watch the tournament livestream on our YouTube channel here.

Lexington Winter Bench Minor League

This purpose of this league is to build Lexington Bike Polo’s reputation as a legitimate sports league (since we are now a registered non-profit in KY) and to hone our bike polo skills in the bench minor format. This league will run up until April 6th.

Each Saturday we will meet from noon-2pm (times may be adjusted as needed to fit most players schedules) to play three 30 minute bench minor style matches. There will be 2-3 Lexington teams which will compete every Saturday. Some weekends we will play only each other, other weekends we will invite nearby cities. The fee to play is $10 for this winter season and you will receive an *official* Lex Bike Polo BM League shirt.

***Lexington players will be drafted by team captains on 2/14 at 9pm. Please email to sign-up for the draft.

***Non-Lexington players interested in competing please send an email with your name, city, and Saturdays you can travel to Lex.

See who’s signed up

Friday Morning Lineup!

A Court

10:00:00 Follow My Twatter/Bier and Magic
10:14:00 Man O War 3/Galactic Terror
10:28:00 We Met On Craigslist/Down To Polo
10:42:00 Critter Bonus/Pastor Of Muppets
10:56:00 Fresh Out The Kitchen/Mombutt TM
11:10:00 Yeah Bubba/Prom Date
11:24:00 TBD50/The Hotties
11:38:00 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes/Why Why Zed
11:52:00 Control Freaks/Medic’s Babes

B Court

10:00:00 Bangers and Mash/But, Party
10:14:00 JIIR 2/Bitches Get Stitches
10:28:00 Welch Family/15 in Blackjack
10:42:00 Nick 7 the Naomis/Spanxballs
10:56:00 Militia Ethridge/Cunt Punchers
11:10:00 Deth Blossom/Tornadoes
11:24:00 Youngbloods/TBD Seattle NYC
11:38:00 Boiled in Coke/Space Balls

C Court

10:00:00 Winneapolis/We Made It!
10:14:00 The Holy Trinity/Foolish Suckers
10:28:00 Gulf Coast Slayers/Potty Posse
10:42:00 The Commonwealth/Works Every Time
10:56:00 Shotgub Siblings/No Bagels
11:10:00 Superchums/Pre-Sango
11:24:00 Vengabus/Grammar Rodeo Clowns
11:38:00 Damn Girl/Innie & the Outties

The goal is for each game to start on time. 12 minute games with 2 minutes in between. Be there and ready to get on court, warm up, and play. The game will start with or without you. For every 2 minutes you don’t show up, the present team gets a point. If the game gets to 10 minutes without your team showing, the present team gets a score of 5-0 and the game is over.

Ladies Army Keeneland Trip + weekend schedule

If you plan to go to the Keeneland Horse Races on the Thursday before L.A. IV, please RSVP here: Ladies Army Keeneland Trip

Here is the tentative schedule for the weekend:

Thursday, April 26th

NOON – Keeneland horse racing
8PM – Coed registration party @
West 6th Brewing, 501 W 6th Street, Lexington, KY 40508

Friday, April 27th

9AM – Coed registration, breakfast, announcements, t-shirt time
10AM – Coed tournament Swiss Rounds
4PM – Coed tournament 24 Team Single Elimination
9PM – After party and Ladies Army registration @
West 6th Brewing, 501 W 6th Street, Lexington, KY 40508

Saturday, April 28th

9AM – Ladies Army registration, breakfast served, announcements
10AM – Ladies Army Swiss Rounds
2PM – Lunch served
9PM – Ladies Army Bike Prom after party @ TBD

Sunday, April 29th

9AM – Breakfast served, announcements
10AM – Ladies Army Double Elimination Tournament
2PM – Lunch served
3PM – Raffle drawings
6PM – Awards

The Battle for Midwest – Kentucky’s Bench Minor team announced

Kentucky held their tryouts for bench minor team in Lexington last Saturday. Players from Louisville and Lexington were present. While most of the focus was watching players during regular pick-up games, each player also completed timed “suicide” style drills with and without the ball to demonstrate ball control and speed. Chris Simpson, who was named the Kentucky team captain by Bloomington Bike Polo, announced his picks for the eight members of his team Sunday night. Nick McClean, Matt Bailey (currently of Louisville), Jared Baize, Kyle Hord,
Colin Keinath, Tiffany Morrow, Jessi Connors, and Ben Wood were chosen to complete the Kentucky team. A team statistician has not yet been announced.

After the announcement, Simpson commented, “And just to say it this was really f***ing hard to do I wish they were teams of 12! I put Tournament experience in with this, that is a big plus knowing other playing styles. Also factored in how much you practice/show up to pick up.”
Saturday, April 7, 2012 – Sunday, April 8, 2012 Bloomington, IN
A midwestern state versus state bench minor tournament.

The format will be (world cup style) group play. Two groups of four, you’ll play round robin against the other three teams in your group. Top two from each group will play the top two teams from the other group, while the bottom teams will similarly play each other. *see diagram posted below*

Matches will be two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.

Teams of nine. One captain/coach (playing), eight players, and additionally one non-playing statistician. Feel free to declare/bring alternates but only 9 active players are allowed on the roster. It is up to the sole discretion of the captain to determine who is on the team. That captain can choose to have tryouts, a vote, a drinking contest, whatever, so long as you bring nine players from your state and one stats nerd. Though it is not a requirement, i hope the captains strive to include players from all the cities in your state that play polo. For example, i know chicago could easily fill their team with nine of their own but there’s two other polo-playing cities that i’m sure would love to be included. Again, it’s not mandatory, but if at all possible please try.

Ladies Army IV

Poster by Cricket Press

Ladies Army IV and coed tournament is on April 27-29 at the Lexington Bike Polo Courts located at the corner of 6th and Jefferson in Coolavin Park!

The weekend will kick off with a coed tournament on Friday, April 27th in which both men and women will compete.  The official Ladies Army tournament begins the following day with Swiss rounds on Saturday, April 28th, and Double Elimination games played on Sunday, April 29th. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winning teams, as well as 2012’s Most Valuable Female Player.

Players from as far away as Japan are rumored to be competing in Ladies Army this year, so let’s make this year’s Ladies Army an epic one.

A bit of history

Ladies Army is an annual all-female bike polo tournament started in 2009 by the women of East Vancouver Bike Polo in an effort to highlight female bike polo talent. Every year, Ladies Army is an anticipated event, drawing female polo players from around the world to battle it out on a central court and to showcase new talent. Previous Ladies Army tournaments were hosted by New York City Bike Polo in 2010 and Austin Texas Polo Social Club in 2011.