The Polo Courts

The Dark and Bloody Ground
The Dark and Bloody Ground

Lexington is home to the very first city parks-sanctioned hardcourt bike polo courts in the U.S. The two fully equipped polo courts were initially built in 2009 by the hardworking members of Lexington Bike Polo, and are continually improved each year, making Lexington a desirable location for large tournaments. Each court conforms to the size regulations mandated by NAH. The perimeter is sealed with tall dasher boards and a surrounding chain-link fence to prevent the ball from exiting the court. Lights illuminate the courts during nighttime hours, allowing for play at any time during any season.

Coolavin Park
Corner of W 6th St and Jefferson St
Lexington, KY 40508

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  1. Are these courts still used frequently and is there a schedule? I am curious if a group of kids could play some street hockey there. Thanks!

  2. congradulations on hosting the world champs my son max newstead is playing so i hope u all have a great time.milton newstead. ( from Australia)

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